Cotton mouth snakes are moderately stocky snakes living in southern United States. Undoubtedly, with an animal that opens it's mouth nice and broad and shows it's defense equipment to anybody trying to tread on it; a name like cottonmouth was more than needed being in the cotton area of the United States.

Cottonmouths might be very defensive but they don't really merit the wicked rap they get because cases of bites to the public hardly exist and are probably created by human wrongdoing. Alcohol and cottonmouth water moccasins combined is a lethal combo so it's a foolish thing to drink and arouse venomous snakes which for whatever reason seems to account for a large number of bites

Much respect is needed in order to remain secure when you find one of these creatures. The venom of the cottonmouth snake is a hemotoxin that effects the body's tissue and muscle cells. This poison causes a lot of internal bleeding and it also works to forbid blood from clotting properly which is highly dangerous. Bite victims on occassion will experience blood loss from their eye balls and nostrils as a result of receiving a bad venomous snake bite. Reports of bite victims frequently report the occurrence as being the most horrific pain they've experienced in their lives; its even been compared in the past as being similar to a knife wound with total agonizing pain .

Full envenomations statically occur about 50% of the time, the other 50% of the bites are considered dry bites which contain no venom. All bites have to be taken extremely critical with the victim finding medical care as soon as possible.

With immediate treatment the affects on the body should be minimal as long as anti-venom is administered by a certified health professional. We are blessed in the fact that medical facilities do stockpile Crofab which is an antiserum designed to treat bites from rattlesnakes, copperheads and the water moccasin. Crofab antiserum was manufactured to be capable of handling a snake bite from poisonous snakes here in the United States. It's made by shooting snake venom into a unfortunate sheep then extracting its blood on down the road which will carry antibodies used to make anti-venom.

All in all it's best to treat these animals with uttermost respect and use extreme forethought when encountering a cottonmouth in the wild.

If you'd like further thorough information on these animals like identification, habitat and natural account please visit my friends website at this link Cotton mouth Snake Pictures. One the most amazing things over there besides the information is the killer cottonmouth water moccasin pictures. Take er easy.

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